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Melisandre Figurine

She's got red hair and a haunting stare, but that's where the similarity with her Westeros-based namesake ends. This brooding little fairy has been in the shop a whole week and hasn't demanded anyone be burned at the stake, so we don't think she's related.

Melisandre is approximately 11cm tall (seated), and remains seated because she just had a bad landing and sprained her ankle.


Embossed notebook (Spirit Guide)

She's got the key; but does she have the secret?

Perhaps the key opens a portal to a Spirit Realm where you can at last feel at one with your true essence? Or perhaps she works at Oddbins and is just on her way to open up? (Is this in fact the same thing?)

The Spirit Guide will reveal all, once her ferry arrives (those wings are actually just ornamental).


Wildwood Goblet

Climbing, forever trying / Find your way out of the wild, wild wood

So sang Paul Weller in 1993, and we tend to think the urgency of his plea for the evacuation of forested areas was inspired by once suffering the stern Sylvanian stare of this earnest-looking Ent.

Sadly for the Modfather (but fortunately for us), Fangorn forest's loss is now our gain, rendering his advice ineffectual to the goal of avoiding the penetrating stare of tree-shepherds.



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