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Welcome, Traveller

The award-winning Cadies & Witchery Tours invite you to join our fearless phantoms for a suspenseful and mirth-filled tour of Edinburgh's Old Town. Step back a few hundred years as Adam Lyal (deceased) and his spooky chums bring the Capital's grisly past vividly to life.

Established in 1984, with our Murder & Mystery Tour (the original Edinburgh ghost tour) debuting the following year, the Cadies have been scaring people from all over the world (and Kirkcaldy!) almost every single night since, and our walking tours have become one of Edinburgh's must-see attractions. Our multi-talented ghosts have also written and shot a number of books and films, to bring their humorous knowledge of Edinburgh and Scotland to those less keen on walking. You can find them, along with a collection of other fine freakish fare, in our online shop.

Whether you are planning a visit to Edinburgh, or you're a local and just want to know what on earth all these colourful spooks are doing in your town every night, don't be afraid - you can book a tour right here. Our tours cater to all ages, and are available at different times throughout the evening. If you have any special requirements, or are looking to arrange a personalised experience, please contact us and tell us about it.

If you are still uncertain, perhaps our head ghoul, Adam Lyal, can put your mind at rest...

A message from the Chief In-Spectre

Adam Lyal (deceased)Greetings!

Welcome to the ethereal home of my Witchery Tours, where my fellow ghouls and I put our stockinged, desert-booted feet up after a hard night's scaring.

It is hard to believe that we've now been haunting the wynds and closes of the Old Town for over three decades. You'd think at this stage the only 'WWW' around here would be 'world-weary whingers', but somehow we keep ever-fresh in spite of our advancing years. How is this possible?

I can reveal the answer: a little light exercise every evening, in pleasant company, with a few frights and a dash of laughter. I am only sad that I did not discover the health benefits of a Witchery Tour until I'd been dead for 173-and-a-half years!

But rest assured: In my years of living and ... not living in Edinburgh, I believe I've unearthed more of its gruesome secrets than any other local historian, politician or rubbish collector. Learning about the hangings, torturings, witch-burnings, grave-robbings and, er, plague-ings of these past few centuries will make you see this high-flying City in its true colours. I think I can confidently say you won't get an offer like that every day...

Are you possessed of an enquiring mind and a strong constitution? Then you have everything you need to join me on a Witchery Tour. (Apart from a warm raincoat and galoshes, that is.) I hope to see you up a close some dark night soon...

Just remember, due to the high levels of spirit activity on the Royal Mile, you join my tours at your own risk!

Best witches,

Adam Lyal (deceased)