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Kitten Tickin' cat clock


Normally, when a kitten is found to be ticking, the appropriate response is to assume it's a horrific biological bomb and throw it into the nearest river or culvert before it detonates. You should however be careful not to confuse ticking with purring, which can sound similar.

This cat, on the other hand, may just defy our suppositions regarding feline ordnance. It's wormed its way behind this wall clock (requires 1x AA battery, not supplied) and is merrily perched upon it with a beatific grin. How can this be? Either it's a 2-dimensional cat to whom our leaden concepts of weight and measure are but fluff, or the clock's nail is a good 20-30cm long and can bear an additional 3-4kg load with ease - which would make its architect a master-plasterer indeed.