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Three Wise Witches

Even your bog-standard witch tends to be pretty wise, so these three must really be sharp as a tack!

Each witch stands about 9.3cm tall, so if they formed a pyramid they could just about open a standard guinea pig hutch.


Witch's Brew mug

What better juncture than at the serving of hot beverages to announce to all and sundry one's embroilment in the arcane world of the mystical arts?

This distinctive cauldron-shaped mug will certainly nail your esoteric colours to the mast. Eye of newt optional (and probably frowned-upon as many amphibian species are endangered today).

Or perhaps you'd just like to make a rather pointed jibe when serving your mother-in-law her Lapsang Souchong. It's really up to you. We're not the mug police.



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