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Our shop is once again open throughout the week, from 12-6pm Monday-Tuesday, and 12-8pm Wednesday-Sunday.

From 19th July we further expand our walking tours' availability, with two tours daily Wednesday-Sunday.

The availability of tours will be limited until we gauge the demand for them and the maximum number of people on our tours will remain at a reduced level to allow for physical distancing. If you do not see your preferred date and time listed on our website, then do get in touch and we will see if something can be arranged.

Witches figurine (Blue Monday)

I bet when you heard New Order's seminal indie-dance masterpiece Blue Monday, you never said to yourself: "I predict the game-changing hypnotic ethos of this landmark record will one day be personified in a small resin figurine which I can buy from those young chaps at The Witchery Tours in the shop they will by then be curating." I imagine Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner didn't either, so you and they can all feel jolly foolish now, eh?

Bob Geldof famously sang about not liking Mondays, but we hope you'll like this one.


Witches figurine (Missing You)

This lovelorn lady may be either receiving or sending letters to/from her absent paramour, there's nothing to give it away. It should however be observed that the one she's holding is never going to fit in that postbox. From the owl's expression, he's not going to go for being the postman, either.


Witches figurine (Black Stars)

Imagine if all the stars were black. The Sun is a star too, so you wouldn't be able to see a ruddy thing. Oh mind you, the crescent moon on this mournful little magicienne's trendy hat is still nice and bright. [Er, hold on a minute... -Ed.]

Well, whatever. Witches are supposed to subvert the laws of physics, after all.


Aradia witch figurine

Aradia was the name of a "Gospel of the Witches" popular among Italian sorceresses in the 19th Century. We thought it was just this contemplative young lady's name, but that just shows you that Wikipedia knows a lot more than we do.

Then again, maybe it is also her name, and not just the book she's (not) reading? If it isn't, what is her name?



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