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Pewter bottle-stoppers (various)

If (unlike the Mad Monk) you sometimes like to keep some of your bottled beverage for later, what can you do if the cork won't go back in?

Fear not! These delightfully creepy pewter-topped cork stoppers by Astral Pewter will keep your soda sparkling and your vino vinegar-free for up to ... well, we don't know, but a day or two. Probably.

Photo credit: Astral Pewter


Spiral-bound notebook (Book of Shadows)

Spiral-bound, with a hard-wearing resin jacket, within are 140 (approximately - I mean we didn't actually count them all) blank pages just waiting for your words of wisdom, or doodles of doom.

The original Book of Shadows came stuffed with spells, but you'll have to do your own homework with this one - if you find any in there on arrival, you'll know it's really magical!



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