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Small pewter pendants (various)

Adam Lyal (deceased) doesn't much care for exposing his neck after being hanged, but most of us are lucky enough to be free of unsightly rope-burns, and what better adornment for a vampire's favourite area than one of our fine quality pendants by Astral Pewter? They probably won't ward off the children of the night, but they might chip a tooth!

Supplied with a waxed fabric thong of sufficient length to be worn high or low, our pendants offer ghoulish style at a startlingly low price.


Mirror boxes

Versions available

Sacred One

Scotland's national animal, the Unicorn (yes, really).

Awaken Your Magic

Awaken your Magic with an amulet delivered by a big owl. So often the way.

Snow Kisses

There's nothing more delightful than a kiss in the snow from a wolf. If you are another wolf. If you are Liam Neeson it might be less desirable.


Pewter-embossed potion bottles (various)

Mixing a potion? Need a more aesthetically pleasing means of transporting vinegar? Sneaking gin into the coven meeting? Whatever your fluid, store it in one of our neat little square 50ml glass bottles!

Available in a wide range of styles, each has a carefully crafted pewter design on the front. From intricate celtic knots to flying witches and elegant fairies, all tastes are catered for by these.

Photo credit: Astral Pewter


Pewter bottle-stoppers (various)

If (unlike the Mad Monk) you sometimes like to keep some of your bottled beverage for later, what can you do if the cork won't go back in?

Fear not! These delightfully creepy pewter-topped cork stoppers by Astral Pewter will keep your soda sparkling and your vino vinegar-free for up to ... well, we don't know, but a day or two. Probably.

Photo credit: Astral Pewter



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