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Small pewter pendants (various)

Adam Lyal (deceased) doesn't much care for exposing his neck after being hanged, but most of us are lucky enough to be free of unsightly rope-burns, and what better adornment for a vampire's favourite area than one of our fine quality pendants by Astral Pewter? They probably won't ward off the children of the night, but they might chip a tooth!

Supplied with a waxed fabric thong of sufficient length to be worn high or low, our pendants offer ghoulish style at a startlingly low price.


Pewter earrings (various)

Gothic? Perhaps. Frightful? Maybe a little. Original? Definitely!

These unique nickel-free pewter hook earrings with surgical-steel hooks will certainly attract a second look. Shocking but fun, they are available in a range of designs from the mythical to the devilish.

You are sure to find a memorable gift, or the perfect look for one of those special occasions where boring jewellery just won't do!

Photo credit: Astral Pewter


Mirror boxes

Versions available

Awaken your Magic with an amulet delivered by a big owl. So often the way.

A reminder that love can transcend death. For the one that hasn't died, obv. Or possibly a warning that hanging around in cold dark crypts without enough layers on can land you with a nasty sniffle.

Fierce loyalty is a very valuable quality in pet dragons. Disloyal dragons can be a real handful.


Bat Key Hanger

We're often accused of having bats in our belfry - and that's nearly true, as we certainly have a few in our store-room!

This charming little fellow will perch on your wall; he can be affixed by hooks or screws, to keep him from flying around. Holds up to eight keyrings (or other small dangling items) and wards off evil spirits.*

Isn't it time you gave a bat a home?

*May not be 100% true


Dead Man's Hand skull trinket box

Don't gamble on keeping track of your loose trinkets without our handy box!

Aces and eights weren't lucky for him, but this card-sharp's misfortune is your opportunity, as now you can keep your loaded dice, double-headed coins and rabbit's feet safe in his spacious skull!

Sculpted all over with playing cards of all suits, the cap of unlucky Bill's skull lifts off to reveal space to store all manner of knicknacks and geegaws.



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