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Our shop is once again open throughout the week, from 12-6pm Monday-Tuesday, and 12-8pm Wednesday-Sunday.

From 19th July we further expand our walking tours' availability, with two tours daily Wednesday-Sunday.

The availability of tours will be limited until we gauge the demand for them and the maximum number of people on our tours will remain at a reduced level to allow for physical distancing. If you do not see your preferred date and time listed on our website, then do get in touch and we will see if something can be arranged.

Hieroglyphic Skull

It seems it wasn't just the Celts who were given to post-mortem whittling of their fallen citizens' brain-cases. And since the ancient Egyptians' hieroglyphics were also their language, these skulls are in fact messages from the past.

We hired an Egyptologist to research the markings on this cheery fellow, which yielded the following:

2 pints of semi-skimmed

168 litres of asses' milk (need a bath)

1 yoghurt


Sugar Blossom Fairy figurine (Rosalia)

One's first instinct when glimpsing Rosalia sprawled on the ground might well be: "Eek! This poor woman's been assaulted and elaborately tortured! They even stole her shoes!"

However, you'd be wrong, as this sort of thing is quite common down Mexico way, at least once a year. Rosalia has just flown in from Guadalajara, and her wings are knackered, so she's just having a wee rest. She'll be fine in a minute.



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