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Hexara witch figurine

Just because you have a skull on your hat, it doesn't necessarily mean you're the baddies.

Hexara's obviously an animal lover (if you overlook inscribing pentagrams on cats' heads, holding them without supporting the hindquarters, and whatnot).

She's 15cm tall so cannot be accidentally swallowed by a real cat, so there's that.


Three Wise Skellingtons

In a scene you might expect to find on the pavement outside a Chemical Brothers gig, our three knackered-kneed non-flesh-bearers are definitely having a moment.

We'd ask them to reveal what brought them to this hunkered impasse, but one of them's taken a vow of silence and none of them possess larynges anyway.

Height: 9.5cm

Height of all three in a trenchcoat pretending to be a grown-up skellington: About 28.5cm I guess


Large jewelled pewter pendant (Blue + Black Jewelled Cross)

This ornate gothic-style crucifix pendant by Astral Pewter is a big favourite of our own Mad Monk. He says it really puts the "bling" in "stumbling around the Cowgate after dark"; and who are we to argue?

Whether you're a Trappist, Benedictine, Satanist or non-denominational, this eye-catching beauty, finely detailed and studded with eleven lustrous cut-glass stones, will make everyone around you cross ... that they don't have one!



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