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Our shop is once again open throughout the week, from 12-6pm Monday-Tuesday, and 12-8pm Wednesday-Sunday.

From 19th July we further expand our walking tours' availability, with two tours daily Wednesday-Sunday.

The availability of tours will be limited until we gauge the demand for them and the maximum number of people on our tours will remain at a reduced level to allow for physical distancing. If you do not see your preferred date and time listed on our website, then do get in touch and we will see if something can be arranged.

Dracula's Tale Skull

This is a very rare item: a defleshed vampire skull!

As any seasoned vamp-hunter knows, most of the favoured methods of dispatching the best-dressed members of the undead kingdom tend to leave little in the way of remains, save for about a cup-full of warm potash.

We don't know how they did it, but our supplier found a way of preserving the skull minus the rest of the vampire. Perhaps there is a vampire still stalking the night with a terribly floppy head?


The Ferryman reaper incense burner

Charon the Ferryman is the entity charged with guiding the souls of the dead across the afterlife's river Styx. He fancied a day off, so he's persuaded his colleague Death (who normally handles the bit just before this) to mind the coracle for him.

It hasn't occurred to Death that, because he didn't get anyone to stand-in for him, the bereft of life are stuck at Death's Door unable to reach the riverbank. He assumes it's just a slow day, and is taking advantage of the lull to do a spot of fishing. Styx bream are delicious, you know.


Final Flame tealight holder

Real-life sinister cowled figures know better than to sit meditating with a naked flame perched betwixt their crossed ankles, especially when their flowing robe happens to be 100% polyester.

This chap should be all right though. His hand-painted resin form remains absolutely motionless and perfectly spirit level while toting your tealight as long as it lasts.

Height: 16cm approx.



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