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Large jewelled pewter pendant (Blue + Black Jewelled Cross)

This ornate gothic-style crucifix pendant by Astral Pewter is a big favourite of our own Mad Monk. He says it really puts the "bling" in "stumbling around the Cowgate after dark"; and who are we to argue?

Whether you're a Trappist, Benedictine, Satanist or non-denominational, this eye-catching beauty, finely detailed and studded with eleven lustrous cut-glass stones, will make everyone around you cross ... that they don't have one!


Little Shadows figurine (Mystique)

With her crystal ball, Mystique has seen the future. We fear that might account for her rather sombre expression.

Then again, she also has a sideline in contacting the spirits of the departed (facilitated by the ouija board, complete with planchette, integrated into her frock); perhaps this is the source of her chagrin?

How does one tell Aunt Isobel, keen to learn the whereabouts of miserly Uncle Herbert's princely under-the-mattress savings stash, that his spirit just giggled and said he blew the lot on the ponies?


Dracula's Tale Skull

This is a very rare item: a defleshed vampire skull!

As any seasoned vamp-hunter knows, most of the favoured methods of dispatching the best-dressed members of the undead kingdom tend to leave little in the way of remains, save for about a cup-full of warm potash.

We don't know how they did it, but our supplier found a way of preserving the skull minus the rest of the vampire. Perhaps there is a vampire still stalking the night with a terribly floppy head?



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