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Around This Time

Ghosts & Gore, and so much more

By Adam Lyal, March 30, 2019 - 3:27pm
Alexander Clapperton (deceased), a Wild Highlander and friends on a Ghosts & Gore Tour

Some time in the wee hours of tonight, an hour of darkness mysteriously disappears into the aether (only to reappear, equally mysteriously, in the autumn). As those who've spent less of the last two centuries in a coffin have explained to me, this isn't unusual: it's that sleep-thieving time of year when the clocks spring forward to British Summer Time. For me and my phantom crew, this means one thing above all: it's time to kick off the 2019 Ghosts & Gore Tour season!

Around This Time... April 1573: You've come to the Lang place.

By Alexander Clapperton, April 14, 2015 - 4:40pm
A contemporary engraving, showing the positions of the forces besieging Edinburgh, with lots of little men shooting to make it more exciting.

In a departure from our regular On This Day strand, we present a new companion series: Around This Time, wherein we look back at events that happened at approximately this time of year, but are not associated with any particular date. You get a lot of that sort of thing in April: throughout Scotland's turbulent history, it's never been a month for momentous days.

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