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Ghosts & Gore, and so much more

By Adam Lyal, March 30, 2019 - 3:27pm
Alexander Clapperton (deceased), a Wild Highlander and friends on a Ghosts & Gore Tour

Some time in the wee hours of tonight, an hour of darkness mysteriously disappears into the aether (only to reappear, equally mysteriously, in the autumn). As those who've spent less of the last two centuries in a coffin have explained to me, this isn't unusual: it's that sleep-thieving time of year when the clocks spring forward to British Summer Time. For me and my phantom crew, this means one thing above all: it's time to kick off the 2019 Ghosts & Gore Tour season!

As regular readers will know I'm very concerned about maintaining my ashen complexion, so I prefer not to venture out before dusk if I can help it. (This only adds to my being mistaken for a vampire, but what can you do?)

Fortunately, here to lend a hand is my esteemed, and glowing-of-tan, colleague, Mr Alexander Clapperton (deceased), who was an Edinburgh Cemetery Director during the 1840s. Mr Clapperton takes a light-hearted look at Edinburgh's dark past, telling tales of tortures, plague, witchcraft and invasion as he leads you through the Old Town's atmospheric closes and courtyards. En route Mr Clapperton will introduce some Edinburgh characters summoned from the mists of time.

The Ghosts & Gore Tour was devised by our co-founders Robin Mitchell and Colin Macphail, and introduced to The Cadies and Witchery Tours schedule back in 1987. The tour was launched by the then Chairman of the Scottish Tourist Board, Alan Devereux. The trip was developed for the lighter summer evenings and introduced speaking parts to our jumper-ooters. The Ghosts & Gore Tour, over the years, has become a family favourite, catering for all ages.

The tour costs £10.00 per adult and £7.50 for under-16s. The price includes a copy of our 60-page companion book, Adam Lyal's Witchery Tales. The trip takes 80 minutes and commences at 7pm (times can vary) from outside the Witchery Restaurant, Castlehill, Royal Mile (near Edinburgh Castle). Please note: Booking in advance is essential.

Of course if you really have your heart set on joining yours truly for a Murder & Mystery Tour, never fear! As soon as night has eventually fallen (or 9pm most nights, if you want specifics), I too will be continuing to take to the streets for my own take on the Old Town's tawdry story. We're all about choice.

So book now to ensure disappointment... I mean to avoid disappointment.