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COVID-19 Information

We are pleased to announce the first steps towards resuming our operations following the easing of lockdown.  These measures have been decided based on Scottish Government regulations and guidance and consultation with VisitScotland.

From Wednesday 15th July 2020 our wee shop will be reopening Wednesday-Sunday, 12noon - 6pm, with appropriate physical distancing and sanitary safeguards in place.

From 1st August we will be offering a public outdoor walking tour at 7:00pm on Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays, with a limited headcount to permit physical distancing.

See the relevant sections on our homepage, and our Tour Booking page, for full details.

Little Shadows figurine (Orchid)


In July 1959, Jet Harris and Hank Marvin, of Cliff Richard's backing band, made the fateful decision to re-name the band: The Shadows. Little could they have imagined how pivotal this decision would prove in the global popularisation of the dark bit on the other side of an object from the Sun or other light-sources.

Our Little Shadows may not have an iconic repertoire of instrumental-rock melodies (they don't even talk so we could be mistaken there), but they certainly embody the darkness that lurks at the heart of modern pop culture in much the same way.

Standing approx. 16cm tall, these eye-catching resin figurines are sure to darken your day!

Orchid doesn't look like a girl to trifle with, but she mellows her style by brandishing a bunch of her namesakes as she strides into the nightclub. Perhaps she's a Morrissey fan?