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Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery


Robin Mitchell's 2012 kids' smash Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess gets a hotly-anticipated follow-up, with Her Royal (and Farty) Highness off on a new adventure in the kingdom of Wiffyville.

Can Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess) and her best friend Guffy solve the mystery of the priceless purple super-farting bean? Aided by a set of bizarre clues from some of Wiffyville's more unusual residents including a werewolf, a mummy and a prisoner that isn't a prisoner, Princess Pumpalot and Guffy embark on a mind-boggling adventure to solve this 'whodunit'. En route, the brave duo are confronted at regular intervals by their arch enemies: Prince Nastavia and the Low-Flying Gnomes. Will Princess Pumpalot and Guffy succeed in their quest?

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