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Three Wise

Three Wise Witches

Even your bog-standard witch tends to be pretty wise, so these three must really be sharp as a tack!

Each witch stands about 9.3cm tall, so if they formed a pyramid they could just about open a standard guinea pig hutch.


Three Wise Reapers figurines

We hear a lot in popular culture and on Newsnight about the "Grim Reaper", but what's this now? Three reapers, none of which seem at all grim; if anything, they look quite jolly.

Like Santa, I suppose TGR becomes a lot more plausible as a concept if we accept that he has helpers. However as these three little tykes seem too busy mimicking the Three Wise Monkeys of Japanese folklore, one wonders how bad the soul-tailbacks at the River Styx Bridge must be this lunchtime. I'd take the B708 instead if I were you.


Three Wise Zombies figurines

Zombies are not known for being particularly wise, but at least, somewhere in their maggoty brains, these three remember the old maxim: "See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil."

Unfortunately, each of them is only concerned about 1/3 of these rules, so overall I doubt it helps much.


Three Wise Goblins

As if Skeletons and Cats weren't enough, now here are some goblins getting in on the "Three Wise thingies" meme. (Or is it three Vince Cables?)

Although often depicted as villainous rogues in modern fiction, goblins' earliest folkloric depictions were as helpful (if playful) household spirits, often found doing housework while the dweller slept.


Three Wise Skeletons

Meditate on mortality and morality with our sage skeletons!

Although they might look as though they'’re recovering from a night on the town, these three fleshless philosophers are in fact posed as the “"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"” figures commonly known as the Three Wise Monkeys.

These highly detailed cast figurines are designed to sit on any shelf or ledge, dangling their feet over the abyss as they each scrupulously ignore immorality in their own special way.

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