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Witch's Brew mug

What better juncture than at the serving of hot beverages to announce to all and sundry one's embroilment in the arcane world of the mystical arts?

This distinctive cauldron-shaped mug will certainly nail your esoteric colours to the mast. Eye of newt optional (and probably frowned-upon as many amphibian species are endangered today).

Or perhaps you'd just like to make a rather pointed jibe when serving your mother-in-law her Lapsang Souchong. It's really up to you. We're not the mug police.


Mother Maiden and Crone chalice

Some ancient cultures deified the moon as a goddess, and attributed to its phases three successive stages of femininity. The Maiden, for the waxing moon, represented new life, creativity and beauty. The Mother, or full moon, represented fertility and nurture. The Crone, or waning moon, represented wisdom, mortality and, um, bingo.

When these three get together for a drink, it'll be a blue moon before the barman dares ring his bell!

Height: 20cm


Gothic Roses goblet

While a death is always a time of loss, let's not forget that it is also a horticultural opportunity. When we go to sleep in the earth, the earth benefits, and erelong new life bursts forth. (OK, a bunch of roses will never replace uncle Fred, but you have to see the bigger picture.)


Alchemy mug (Poison)

Poison. Not everyone's idea of a comforting mid-afternoon tipple, but each to their own.

The frightful skull that graces this mug is wearing a crown. Monarchs, historically, are one of the most at-risk groups when it comes to poisoning, so that makes sense.


Wildwood Goblet

Climbing, forever trying / Find your way out of the wild, wild wood

So sang Paul Weller in 1993, and we tend to think the urgency of his plea for the evacuation of forested areas was inspired by once suffering the stern Sylvanian stare of this earnest-looking Ent.

Sadly for the Modfather (but fortunately for us), Fangorn forest's loss is now our gain, rendering his advice ineffectual to the goal of avoiding the penetrating stare of tree-shepherds.


Dead Man's Hand goblet

Glam-up your poker evening with this ghoulish gamer's goblet!

We have no information on whose skeletal hand it is gripping this stylish resin and stainless steel drinking vessel. Whoever it was, they must have enjoyed their last sip, as it simply will not budge.


Princess Pumpalot mug

You'd be a mug not to purchase this. It's an ideal container to drink from with an option to consume hot or cold liquids and (we cannot stress how excited we are about this) it can be used more than once. WOW!

Whether it's a cold drink of Wiffyville Spring Water in the summer, or a cosy hot mug of Prince Niceavia's Fruit Tea in the winter, you'll do no better than a Princess Pumpalot mug.

PLEASE NOTE: this mug does not require batteries.



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