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Cat hanging ornament (Moon Cat)

A cat in a tree normally means a call to the fire brigade (or a junior-tier superhero seeking to burnish their neighborhood credentials).

No such drama with these beatific fellows. They'll dangle quite contentedly from tree, curtain-rail ... wherever you please, really - and they don't even need feeding!

Height: 9cm approx.


Pen Holder (Wyrm - Dragon)

We've all been there. You've got several pens, and it looks a bit untidy with them rolling around the desk all higgledypiggledy. Worse still, one of them's round: it might roll off onto the floor where someone might step on it ... or worse.

You, Sir or Madam, need a pen holder!

"Wyrm" is, as you may guess, not a squishy thing usually found under a log in your garden. It is an archaic term for a dragon. This one's actually called Bruce, but will answer to "Wyrm" if you'd rather.

Height: 11cm approx.



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