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Adam Lyal storms Edinburgh Castle! (Sort of)

By Alexander Clapperton, August 9, 2016 - 2:32pm
Adam Lyal (centre) during Deep Time show at Edinburgh Castle

Adam Lyal (deceased) is already, by our reckoning, "big in Edinburgh"; but seldom does he get as big as this!

Last Sunday (7th August), Edinburgh Castle's walls, ramparts the Castle Rock on which it sits were illuminated in spectacular fashion, providing the "screen" for the Edinburgh International Festival's Opening Event: Deep Time, a dramatic projector display created by 59 Productions in association with The University of Edinburgh.

The show took its rapt audience through 350 million years of Edinburgh's natural, geological and cultural history in 20 minutes of eye-popping visuals crafted to the contours of the Castle and landscape, and an original soundtrack by veteran Glasgow rockers Mogwai.

For the closing segment of the show, the producers invited Edinburghers to submit photos of themselves or other past or present residents to be part of a montage of flying faces. Ever the wily self-publicist, Mr Lyal saw no harm in throwing his hat in the ring; and lo and behold, on the night viewers were treated to the sight of his ashen aspect hurtling towards them off the prow of the Castle walls.

Let's hope he doesn't get a big head as a result...

Mr Lyal pops up at around 18:15.