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Wildwood Goblet


Climbing, forever trying / Find your way out of the wild, wild wood

So sang Paul Weller in 1993, and we tend to think the urgency of his plea for the evacuation of forested areas was inspired by once suffering the stern Sylvanian stare of this earnest-looking Ent.

Sadly for the Modfather (but fortunately for us), Fangorn forest's loss is now our gain, rendering his advice ineffectual to the goal of avoiding the penetrating stare of tree-shepherds.

If you are brave enough to disregard the warnings of one of pop music's elder statesmen, perhaps this bark-bedecked beverage-bearer will find a new home next to your drinks cabinet. At least you won't have to worry about pesky Paul finishing off your cherry brandy (or troublesome Uruk-hai demolishing the vodka jellies) while your back's turned at your next cocktail party.

Disclaimer: Not guaranteed to ward off other members of The Style Council.