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Littlest Fairy Clock


We've all been there, haven't we? You're a tiny flame-haired fairy, merrily flitting around the meadows of Fairyland, when suddenly you find yourself terrifically fatigued due to your miniscule wings being hopelessly inadequate for the task of keeping your body airborne. How you even evolved such tiny wings with the ludicrous power-to-weight ratio they provide is a question best left to fairyologists, not me.

Fortunately your earthward plummet is arrested by a nice bouncy fly agaric toadstool, upon which you sit gingerly, ensuring your skirt is fully tucked-under, lest your skin absorb its psychedelic deadly juices. Still, it's a safe spot compared to the surrounding terrain, rife with trippy deadly liberty caps which could alleviate your PTSD do your tiny metabolism terrible harm if you blundered into one with your mouth open.

Dangerous place, Fairyland. But at least you'll know what time it is.

Clock requires 1x AA battery (not supplied).